About FFRM - A Flensburg Regional Sponsoring Association

It's up to us
People in Flensburg know very well about the scenic landscapes here, the coastlines of the Baltic Sea, the reflections of history, in Flensburg’s architecture, traditions and the regions particular blend of people. It is up to us to maintain these pillars of good life and good business. It is up to us to wisely lead our region into the future.

How it started
Förderverein Flensburg Regionalmarketing FFRM was founded in 1993. Following a strategic phase that involved hundreds of the regions minds, a group of business people pledged some DM 400,000.00 to get the first of the identified strategic projects started.

Strategic development
FFRM considers the Flensburg region as a product which is to be developed and marketed according to well-defined strategies. Joint sponsoring by FFRM members uses synergetic effects, and companies can extend their individual advertising activities by coordinated efforts for the whole business location.

Fostering ideas to projects
FFRM focuses on smaller projects which are beyond the scope of EU, federal and state government funding policies but which cannot be coped with by individuals or individual organisations. Most of FFRM funded projects involve both finance and mentoring.

FFRM's regional authenticity
Such an approach seems a good thing on paper. However, to implement it, i.e. to make it happen, it takes committed people who grow up, grow in, and grow with the region, and who identify with their town and passionately live their roots. This is what FFRM and its success is about. Again, personal and private commitment is the key when bringing an idea to life, when getting the right people together in order to successfully implement projects for the benefit of the region. It is about projects which really come from and grow in the Flensburg region.

How we work
FFRM operates its funds as a volunteer association. Membership and Board of FFRM comprise of some of the regions prime entrepreneurial resources who contribute their time and inspiration. Membership is not limited to business people, though.
FFRM has established valuable relationships to other regional initiatives, institutions and networks.
We are always looking for good ideas that promote our vision: a regional business and living environment that is strong, vivacious, and just attractive.
Many projects are in the 'cultural' arena and do benefit the general public.

FFRM member's key benefits:

  • Bundling of funds allows for a reasonable funding of projects too large for a single member
  • Mentoring and monitoring for successful implementation of measures
  • Identifying key initiatives to foster regional and business needs
  • Improved regional terms of business, as access to human resources, customers, and suppliers

Key benefits to people with ideas:

  • Get your project started without bureaucratic hassles. Let your idea shine!
  • Mentoring and monitoring for successful conduct of the project
  • Use FFRM's reputation for supporting projects that are good for the region
  • Access to FFRM funds and members

Get in touch
If you wish to know more about FFRM, want to get in touch with the Flensburg region or drop off an idea, please do not hesitate to send an email to info@spam protectionffrm.net, or find further contact information here.

Here you can get in touch with the people behind FFRM:

Mitglied werden

Der Förderverein lebt von der Kompetenz und Erfahrung seiner Mitglieder. Als örtlich ansässige Betriebe haben wir ein wesentliches Interesse an der Verbesserung der allgemeinen Rahmenbedingungen in der Region Flensburg und Umgebung.

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